XLVI Steamhammer 1 Group
XLVI Steamhammer 1 Group

XLVI Steamhammer 1 Group

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XLVI “Steamhammer” are handmade espresso brands from Monte Cerignone, Italy.  It is valued for its simplicity and high quality. Manually controlled brewing groups give an opportunity to prepare perfect coffee beverages, according to every customer’s preference.

This coffee machine is made from strong, high-quality materials that make it very durable.

Innovative “Smooth Flow” technology ensures that only the best coffee qualities would be extracted during espresso preparation.

It’s recommended to use this coffee machine in places with heavy customer flows. Because of its large capacity, this coffee machine is capable of preparing many coffee beverages in a short time.

It’s possible to set the amount of water for coffee extraction individually.

“Steam box” function allows personalizing both pressure and flow of steam in order to get the perfect milk consistency for milky coffee beverages.

Additional parameters:

– P.I.D. (proportional-integral-derivative) heating system.
– LCD display.
– WI-FI for setting and checking the machine vie smartphone.
– Automatic switch off.
– Energy saving mode.
– Notifications about required coffee machine’s maintenance.
– Automatic cleaning program.
– Filtered coffee module.
– Front and back LED illumination.
– “Mug Bowl” reversible grid system, which facilitates the management of different size cups.


Type Professional
Manufacturer XLVI Operai Del Vapore
Coffee machine uses Coffee pods, Ground coffee
Milk system type Manual frother
Does coffee machine prepare hot water? Yes
Adjustable coffee strength Yes
Control Manual
Pressure gauge Yes
Power 2900 W
Country of Origin Italy