We would love to help you make your trade show or corporate event as successful as possible. Rent a barista with own roasted coffee.

A coffee bar is the perfect way to draw people to your booth and get them interested in your products or services. Coffee bars create a natural meeting place and there are few things that make people as happy as a cup of perfectly brewed coffee served with a smile.

A coffee bar at your company event adds extra value to the participants. Whether it is a conference or an office party,our coffee bar service will enhance the mood.

We offer two different types of coffee bars:

Espresso bar: Classic - these days, espresso is a more common in cafés than filter coffee. We offer a full espresso bar, including that heart in your cappuccino.

Brew bar: Would you like to try the latest thing in coffee? As mentioned above, filter coffee has been a bit neglected for espresso in recent years - but it is coming back! In our brew bar we serve manually brewed filter coffee in the Japanese V60. Aesthetic, thought through and above all, great tasting! Back to basics with innovation.

We can also customize for your personal needs. Get in touch with us through for more information.