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Blacksheep Espresso - 1kg

Blacksheep Espresso - 1kg

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Coffee is roasted by Ritu Coffee Roasters on Thursdays and shipped the following day. 

Black Sheep is an espresso that roast carefully and focus to balance between acidity and sweetness. This espresso profile has a dense and round body, low intense acidity, medium sweetness, and hints of chocolate, molasses, and dried fruit profile. It's simply nice espresso for every morning. We change the beans with the seasons. At the moment,  Blacksheep contains 100% Catuai from Guima Estate in Brazil.

Region:  Cerrado Mineiro 
 1100 m
Process: Pulped natural. The coffee cherries are peeled and separated from their pulp .Right after that coffee is dried with the soft highland breeze under the sun.