Guji Gigesa - Ethiopia
Guji Gigesa - Ethiopia

Guji Gigesa - Ethiopia

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Guji Gigesa is a hilly, mountainous area with well drained and fertile soil. The nature is lush and green, and coffee trees have grown here long before we started to drink it. The natural process allows the bean to have a long contact time with the fruit, as the cherry is dried for 15-18 days. This give the coffee its sweet, fruit flavour that many of us have come to recognise, and love. This coffee come from a family owned process station that we have visited and worked closely with for four seasons.

COUNTRY Ethiopia
REGION Shakiso, Guji
ALTUTUDE 1800-1950 masl
VARIETY Heirloom
PRODUCER Faysel Yonis

Taste notes: Cherry, tropical candy , pineapple