USED- Marco Jet6 Bulk Coffee Brewer Package

USED- Marco Jet6 Bulk Coffee Brewer Package

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Delivers coffee directly into portable urn, complimented by an attractive design and stainless steel construction.

Package includes:

Marco Jet 6 6Ltr Bulk Coffee Brewer
Marco Jet FCG6 Grinder

The Marco 6Ltr Bulk Coffee Brewer Jet 6 Package not only enables the operator to brew fresh coffee at the touch of a button, but also has the ability to do so in bulk. It also comes with a variety of user friendly features, including a touch screen interface and is renowned for its exceptional energy efficiency. Suitable for a range of fast-paced catering establishments, this Marco coffee machine is guaranteed to satisfy a variety of customers.

Marco Jet 6 6Ltr Bulk Coffee Brewer

• SCAE Gold Cup coffee quality.
• Operator-friendly touch-screen interface.
• Can automatically control grinder slave.
• Portion control of water and coffee amounts.
• Precision water volume and temperature.
• Minimised footprint.
• Built-in cup-well.
• Best-in-class energy efficiency.
• Hot water dispense.

Capacity: 6ltr.
Cups per hour: 189.
Hot water draw off: 6ltr