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Vietnam Espresso 500 gram - Dung Radar Lot 2 - 40hrs Yeast Aerobic Fermented
Vietnam Espresso 500 gram - Dung Radar Lot 2 - 40hrs Yeast Aerobic Fermented

Vietnam Espresso 500 gram - Dung Radar Lot 2 - 40hrs Yeast Aerobic Fermented

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Coffee is roasted by Ritu Coffee Roasters on Thursdays and ship the following day. 

Region: Cau Dat

Farm: Dung RADAR

Variety: Catimor

Altitude: 1600-1650 meters

Process: Washed 40hrs Yeast Aerobic Fermented

Taste Profile: Citron, Gala Apple and Pineapple

Dung's family has a tradition of doing Arabic for nearly 30 years! Since that time, although his family lived in Bao Loc where is Robusta growing area in Vietnam, 130km from the Arabica coffee growing area ( Cau Dat, Da Lat), his father went to Cau Dat to buy arabica fresh fruits to process fully washed coffee. !

Hence since birth, he has lived in Arabica coffee-producing! So the arabica was infused into his soul

Later when he finished university in South Vietnam, he returned to help his family in producing arabica but they only work as a commercial back then. That time was also a difficult period for commercial arabica production in general! He struggled, struggled for 5 years! Due to the family's difficulties, it didn't help much. So he borrowed a bank to start his Arabica coffee production!

10 years ago, his father oriented him to start a new farm so they rented a farm and reclaimed, both planted an arabica coffee farm, the place for production. They started to use coffee bark to compost microbiologically so that is it fertilizes the coffee tree. That farm is the Radar Farm now.

It was challenging to do coffee production in that period. Luckily with the guidance of the coffee professional in the Vietnam community in 2016, there was the first class to teach preliminary processing in Vietnam. It is allowed to expand his knowledge of making high-quality coffee and specialty coffee, and create a relationship with the first-generation specialty in Vietnam

After that in 2016, he decided to switch RADAR farm to Specialty coffee production, by making better specialty coffee, so he can support himself and his family and pay off all the debts when he was working as a commercial! And having that foundation should one pursue his specialty indulgence!