Gaggia La Radiosa Fully Automatic
Gaggia La Radiosa Fully Automatic

Gaggia La Radiosa Fully Automatic

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Gaggia La Radiosa
If the first machines built by Achille Gaggia were designed to make his dreams reality,  then he would have seen the brand’s new La Radiosa, with its stunning 10” HD capacitive display, as pure science fiction.
La Radiosa is a colour chameleon and what’s more, thanks to its ground-breaking EvoMilk fresh milk system, it delivers coffee perfection for consumers wherever they are in the world, whatever expectations they have. 

Width     368 mm / 14.5 in
Depth     583 mm / 23.0 in
Height    788 mm / 31.0 in
Weight   60 Kg / 132 lb
Voltage   230-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Maximum absorbed power   3200 W
Coffee brewer capacity    7-16 gr
Beans hopper capacity    1.2 Kg / 2.6 lb
Soluble canister capacity   0.5 Kg / 1.1 lb barley,
1.8 Kg / 3.9 lb  chocolate
Suggested output      250 cups

10'' full HD touchscreen (up to 12 selections per single page)
Customizable User Interface (drink icons, customer logo and background colour)
Self service or Barista configurable User Interface
RGB LEDs lateral stripes (up to 256 colours)
Customizable access to programming (different access passwords)
EvoMilk technology: hot and cold foamed milk and innovative milk system cleaning
Flow control system for coffee and solubles preparation
Independent hot water outlet
Hot water bypass for Americano
Adjustable nozzle head from 75 mm/2.95 in to 170 mm/6.7 in
Self setting regulation of blades as an option
Energy saving: soft and deep mode
Eva-dts file for statistics
MDB capable (hardware and software)
USB port
Embedded Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity - 3G connectivity as an option