Through the company, I will deliver utmost highest quality service by utilising my experience in green coffees, brewing coffee , espresso extraction and roasting. Hands-on training with you and your staff. Pricing and availability will vary depending on location and schedule.

Services can be a contracted consulting work for companies wishing to get thorough and detailed service, where I will be continuously helping to manage and track the progress, and I also offer short term work over several days for a fast track service.


Here is a break down of what the consulting work will cover.

  • Green coffee buying management – Setting up a system where you plan how much green coffee you will buy, where you will buy it from and from who. I will help build relationships with green coffee exporters and importers, and help with choosing the right coffees for your company.
  • Green coffee data collection and analysis –  There are things you can’t control and can control with your green coffees. Knowing what type of data you need and understanding what they mean and how they have direct link to roasting is vital. Also, collecting the right data will help with longevity of your green coffee.
  • Roaster training – Training someone to be a good roaster might seem easy, but it can be very time consuming process where lots of resources can be wasted when not done right. With past experience in training roasters, I will deliver the training in the most effective way as possible. This can’t be done in few days, but will be a process where I will keep a track of the progress of the roaster and give feedback by being a guide on how to improve.
  • Profile management – Roast profiles are used to analyse the roast, but it can be quite overwhelming when you are in front of lots of graphs and numbers, I will help to manage the system of how you should analyse and what you should analyse efficiently. I will also show you how roasting softwares can help you with the overall management of profiles to green coffees.
  • Implementing quality control systems – After you roast the coffees, you cup the coffees to analyse the degree of roast, its consistency and the flavours showing in the cup. Every coffee roasters require different approach into how they set the protocols for their quality control system. My previous experience of continuously finding better way to improve the system will help you to build a tailored system for you. Having the right system has a massive ripple effect to the cup quality your customers will experience.

Anthony Nguyen judge in ASEAN Roast master



  • 1:1 private roasting training which lasts several days.
  • offer advice on opening a roastery, from choosing machines, set-up, roasting training and help into buying green coffees and connecting right suppliers. The process of opening a roastery can be daunting, but with right help, you can be sure you have made the right choice.


I also have extensive experience in giving talks around the world, talks covers wide range of subjects, titled

  • Past, present and future of Quality control
  • Weird and wonderful things that affects sensory perception
  • Importance of standardising flavours
  • Current trend in brewing and roasting, and why
  • Roasting: the fundamentals

I have given talks in Vietnam, Sweden , Australia, Germany. So if you are interested in inviting me for workshops and seminars, please do get in touch.