Elias Gracia Diaz - Peru - Washed
Elias Gracia Diaz - Peru - Washed
Elias Gracia Diaz - Peru - Washed

Elias Gracia Diaz - Peru - Washed

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Coffee is roasted by Ritu Coffee Roasters on Thursdays and ship the following day. 

Region: Puentecillos-Santa Rosa

Farm: El Guayaquil

Altitude: 1600 masl

Process: Washed

Variety: Caturra & Bourbon

Taste Profile: loral, Citric and Milk Chocolate


 Cooperative Sol y Café

 Located in the northern mountainous region of Cajamarca, Cooperative Servicios Multiples Sol y Café (Coop Sol y Café), was established in 2008. Coop Sol y Café constitutes a group of 59 local organizations of approximately 1,000 farmers, of which 10 percent are women. Cooperative members are dedicated to protecting their local environment using the best sustainable farming practices. They collectively formulate environmental, agronomic and economic decisions to help member families and communities develop and grow. Coop Sol y Café holds Rainforest Alliance, Organic, and Fairtrade certifications. Impressively, cooperative members have access to health insurance, state-of-the-art agricultural technology, schooling, and further education. Bordering Ecuador and the equator itself, the Cajamarca production zone benefits from consistent warm temperatures during the day, and cool nights in the absence of clouds. This unique interplay of temperatures leads to slower maturation of the bean; resulting in a more complex and aromatic cup.   

This lot is from Elias García Díaz was born in the town of Puentecillos, Jaén, 47 years old. He lives with his wife Gladys Vargas Guerrero and his two daughters.

Elias started working on coffee when he was very young helping his parents. Now he has a big farm of coffee called El Guayaquil (The Guayaquil is a tree from the family of bamboo).

He feels very proud of this lot of coffee because now the quality is better and the farm is more productive and profitable .