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For Baristas who want to tamper their coffee with ease and comfort on a daily basis, convex or flat, this will make daily coffee making life that bit more enjoyable.

The Barista tamper is made for professional use and now comes not only with a rosewood handle but a soft little pouch to keep your tamper safe from harm.

When you make coffee at home making 5 shots per day, a solid, heavy tool is just fine... When serving 300 shots during a shift, its not as comfortable wielding an unbalanced solid metal piece.

When others choose aluminium we did as we always do, think differently. The Presso Barista a die cast, hollow base stainless steel tamper. It is perfectly balanced and has a comfortable weight of about 250 grams.

Low energy tamping tampers in general are lathe machined from 60 mm to approx 20 mm. This wastes a lot of material and consumes far too much energy. In the casting of the tamper the cool thing is that it saves a huge amount of resources with virtualy no loss in material. The stainless steel in all our products is also 100% recycled which means that we save 80% in energy resources right from the start.

 Available in either convex or flat bottomed tamper. The flat version is heavier than the orginal convex Barista tamper to offer more choice to those looking for their favorite tamper.

All the Barista tamper handles can be unscrewed to adjust the tamper for smaller hands by simply removing the metal ring between the handle and the tamper body.


  • Removable ring to make height adjustable
  • Espresso Gear embossed rosewood handle
  • Polished Stainless Steel
  • Comes with a soft storage / polishing pouch.
  • Convex or flat base
  • Flat base only available in 58mm size - weighs 360g